Each of our unique poutine options are served on a bed of our fresh-cut fries or your option of onion rings. Choose mozzarella or cheese curds to make your poutine your own! Upgrade any Burger, Dog, Sammie or Philly to a poutine on the side, or enjoy one all on its own! Regular and large sizes available. 

*all prices listed exclude tax


  • Plain Jane ... $7.96 + tax

    Just like it sounds. Fresh cut fries, topped in our savory homemade gravy and served with fresh cheese curds

  • The Poutine of Brotherly Love ... $9.73 +tax

    Bring the philly to the poutine! Fresh cut fries topped high with our savoury homemade gravy, sauteed mushrooms, green pepper and onions and drizzled in Aged American Cheddar Cheese Sauce (“Whiz”)

  • Coney Island Chilli Cheese ... $7.96 + tax

    Bring Coney Island home! Fresh cut fries, hearty chili, and topped with Aged American Cheddar Cheese Sauce (“Whiz”)

  • The 3 Little Pigs ... $9.96 + tax

    Where did the piggies go? At Pisanos, they topped this meaty poutine complete with fresh-cut fries, our in-house slow-roasted and marinated pulled pork, crispy bacon, sausage in a bed of our savory homemade gravy, and cheese curds 

  • The Pisan ... $9.96 + tax

    A ‘Pisan’ simply means a friend! And you’ll want to make friends with this poutine. Fresh cut fries, hearty meat sauce, our homemade and rolled meatballs, fresh mozzarella and dusted in Parmesan cheese. Gratzi!

  • The Morning Routine Poutine ... $9.96 + tax

    Who says a poutine can’t be breakfast food? Fresh cut fries, piled high with bacon, scrambled eggs, and fresh cheese curds! That’s what we call part of a complete breakfast!

  • The Zeus ... $8.63 +tax

    A poutine even a God would approve of! Fresh cut fries, diced tomato, chopped red onion, cool cucumber, a drizzle of Tzatziki and feta crumble


  • The Flaming Rooster ... $9.96 + tax

    A poutine with a punch! Pack the heat with pieces of all white meat chicken breast pieces tossed in Sriracha, fresh cheese curds and a ribbon of ranch dressing to cool it all down.

  • O Baby ... $9.73 + tax

    A unique twist on the typical poutine! Our savoury homemade gravy and fresh mozzarella over a bed of golden onion rings 

  • Big Lebowski .... $9.96 + tax

    The dude abides! Fresh cut fries, our savoury homemade gravy, fresh curds and 4 ounce steak

  • Build Your Own Poutine! ... $9.96 + tax

    Choose one type of cheese and unlimited veggies! 

    (add extra meat: $1.55 ea; add extra cheese: $2.20 ea)