Pisanos Old School

Pinsas * Poutines * Philly’s

Done how you like them, how you remember them. Come in and eat the food you love, with a side of nostalgia. Our menu also includes gourmet poutines, gourmet hot dogs, hamburgers & more.


About Pisano’s Old School

Where authentic eats and classic vibes combine! 

When Noele Murano set his sights on a new venture project, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. Raised alongside his grandparents and his father in a variety of Italian kitchens, Noele was learning the art of authentic culinary design. While many his age were mowing lawns, or taking up space at the local fast food joint, Noele was putting his own stamp on the Gino’s brand – cooking up generational recipes and understanding the language of food. As an adult, he’d expand the Gino’s restaurants into an additional two locations in his hometown of Kingston. But in 2019, he had another idea. 

A lifelong fan of the Eagles, and a trained Italian in the sport of boxing, Noele took his love of Philadelphia to new heights with his decision to open his very own Philly sandwich shop. 

Once his idea started to edge towards reality, Noele decided to incorporate his penchant for old school, retro and vintage throwbacks. Fleshing out his menu to feature Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizzas, incredible poutines using fresh cut fries and fresh curds, gourmet burgers with locally sourced patties, succulent Original Nathan’s hotdogs, an entire kids’ menu, and of course, Gino’s famous homemade pizzas available by the slice! 

Undeterred by the pandemic, Noele forged forward with his dream intact, opening his doors to the public May of 2020. 

Walls adorned by pop culture references. Genuine arcade games daring you to become a pinball wizard. Treasures from Noele’s private collections in glass cases to peruse. Old school movies and TV shows on loop. Nostalgic playlists curated in classic cuts. 

And authentic eats. Slow-roasted and marinated in-house Pulled Pork. Real Philadelphia philly recipes for every cheesesteak. 8 pounds of sauce and cheese in every Chicago-style Deep Dish. Fresh cut fries. Homemade, savoury gravy. Aged American cheddar (“Whiz”) sauce. Freshest veggies, hearty meat burgers, and so, so much more. 

Everyone is a Pisano at Pisanos: Old School. A place where authentic eats and classic vibes combine.