The foods you know. The foods you love. Cooked up to perfection. 

Make it a meal with fresh cut fries & a pop for just $4.45!  


  • French Fries .... $4.65

    Fresh cut fries, top it up with our savoury homemade gravy or homemade meat sauce.

  • Onion Rings .... $5.09

    A classic! Hearty onion rings, breaded and deep fried golden.

  • Mighty Mouse Mac and Cheese Bites .... $7.96

    Your favourite childhood dish rolled and battered and deep-fried in delicious bite sizes. Served with sour cream. 

  • Pickle Chips .... $7.96

    Dill pickles, sliced and battered, and deep fried to crispy perfection. Served with ranch.

  • Fish & Chips .... $13.94

    2 pieces of battered and deep fried Haddock, served with fries, lemon wedge and tartar sauce. (Include fries & coleslaw)

  • Chicken fingers .... $13.94

    A basket of breaded and deep fried chicken fingers, served with plum sauce for dipping 

  • Deep fried Mushrooms .... $7.96

    Delicious mushroom pieces and caps, battered and deep fried till golden. Served with sour cream. 

  • Deep-Fried Cheese Curds .. $7.96

  • Wings - Marinated or Breaded .. $12.39

  • Shrimp in a Basket .. $13.94