At Pisanos:Old School, our burger meat is locally sourced 6 ounce patties and grilled up fresh. Every gourmet burger is made fresh to order. Everytime. 

Make it a meal with fresh cut fries & a pop for just $4.45!

*all prices listed exclude tax



  • Plain Jane ... $7.08 + tax

    You can’t go wrong with an old faithful. Our burger patty seared to perfection, and topped with fresh lettuce, tomato slice, chopped onion and drizzled in Pisanos sauce

  • The Philly ... $8.19 + tax

    We’ve brought versatility to our Philly sandwiches by creating the Philly burger! Our grilled burger patty, topped high with sauteed mushrooms, onion, green pepper and doused in Aged American Cheddar Cheese Sauce (“Whiz”)

  • The Mushroom Provolone ... $8.19 + tax

    Be the fun-guy! Get mushy with our fresh burger patty, grilled up and topped with sauteed mushrooms bathed in mushroom sauce, drizzled in garlic aioli and melted provolone cheese

  • KD Burger ... $9.73 + tax

    Remember when Mom would leave you a tener for babysitting your kid brother, and all you could figure out to make was a box of KD? Recapture the nostalgia! Our deep-fried mac and cheese bites top our freshly grilled patty, alongside bacon strips and smothered in Aged American Cheddar Cheese Sauce (“Whiz”), drizzled with ketchup and mayonnaise 

  • Buffalo Chicken Mozzarella Burger .. $8.63

  • Chicken Crunch Burger .. $8.19

  • The Firehouse ... $9.96 + tax

    Turn up the heat! Our seared burger patty, stacked with golden onion rings, strips of savory bacon, crunchy jalapeno chips, topped with cheese and a ribbon on Firehouse sauce

  • KD Burger ... $9.73

  • Return Of The Mack Burger ... $8.41 + tax

    Bite into a taste of memories! Our freshly grilled patty with a rich helping of our Pisanos sauce (‘Mac’ sauce), lettuce, pickle, onion and a coating of Aged American Cheddar Cheese Sauce (“Whiz”)

  • Get Him To The Greek ... $8.63 + tax

    There’s no Jonah Hill here, but we’re sure he’d be taking this burger right to the columns! Freshly grilled burger patty, sliced red tomato, cool cucumber pieces, chopped red onion, sprinkled feta and finished off with Tzatiki sauce

  • Build Your Own Burger! ... $9.96 + tax

    Choose one type of cheese and unlimited veggies! 

    (add extra meat: $1.55 ea; add extra cheese: $2.20 ea)