Gino’s History

Canada’s Best Pizza

Our History

How an Italian family’s recipes became a household name and a member of the Canadian food service industry for more than 40 years. 

It began in collabria with Murano family recipes. Bursting with authentic flavour, handcrafted shaped doughs and pastas and paying homage to that classic Italian culture, it was a mere matter of time before a small unit on Princess Street in Kingston Ontario would provide a cuisine staple for familias. 

By sourcing out local fresh ingredients in partnership with only the best food suppliers and companies in the area, Gino’s Pizza and Spaghetti has became synonymous within its community. In tradition with remaining homemade, boasting fresh & delicious sauces, and a commitment to utilizing those original and authentic Italian familia recipes, Gino’s continues to pride itself on being able to deliver fantastic food. 

Today, Kingston, and area, is home to several Gino’s Pizza and Spaghetti House locations each owned and operated by Noele Murano and family. They are continued to be run in the same generational fashion handed down from the earliest days of the pizzerias. 

During the summer of 2014, the inaugural Gino’s Pizza and Spaghetti location on Princess Street expanded into a larger restaurant area, adding additional locations. Together, Noele and and his wife, Aryn, expanded on the Gino’s name, becoming creative in their endeavours with menu items and commitment to community outreach including School Food programs.

Today, when you join our table, you will be greeted with the rich culture and Italian history that continues to be the foundation of our Gino’s restaurants. Our veteran pizzaiolos are tasked with training the new generations of pizza makers. With each bite, we provide care and commitment to authenticity and deliciousness. 

From that original location, Noele earned his chops in the Gino’s kitchens as a teenager. Armed with his award-winning recipe book of great food and success, he cut the ribbon on another Gino’s restaurant, this time in neighbouring Harrowsmith. Bringing together a new team of experts, Noele’s new venture was lauded in the community and inspired him to further his career in the restaurant industry of his hometown.

It was his love of Philadelphia, international food culture, and passion for old school, vintage classics that Noele cultivated a new idea. His objective was simple – create a niche eatery in what he considered to be a gaping hole in the restaurant circuit of Kingston and outfit it with retro vibes from yesteryear. In 2019, Pisanos: Old School was created. In 2020, the flagship store was opened on Bath Road.. A menu boasting authentic philly sandwiches, Italian flatbread pinsas, gourmet poutines, original Nathan’s Hot Dogs, Chicago-style Deep Dish pizzas among its variety of unique options, Noele had done it again. He had founded, created and had developed a winning recipe of culinary success. And he had done it among the classic arcade games, and old school memorabilia that adorn the walls and halls of his dream realized. 

Today, Noele Murano continues to push forward, owning and operating the Gino’s Pizza and Spaghetti locations across Kingston and surrounding area. He’s the entrepreneur behind #ygk’s new hotspot, Pisanos: Old School. And he continues to innovate and taste test new and exciting culinary ideas and dishes that will surely become fan favourites. 

As Noele would say: From our familia to yours; gratzi, Pisanos!